Part 1 of the DHS Whistle Blower Story

This is the first is a series of stories about DHS workers who are blowing the whistle on wrong doing within the agency.  Employee Heidi was suspended with pay just 2 days after this story ran and is still suspended with pay as of March 24, 2018, 5 months later while DHS tries to find a reason to discipline or fire her.  Heidi was simply the first of many brave current and former DHS employees who came forward to talk about how DHS is violating the rights of Oklahoman’s and not following the Pinnacle Plan settlement it entered into as a part of a federal court settlement in 2012.

As we approach a state wide walk out on teachers and potentially state employees due to our workers being under paid and our agencies under funded, DHS has a worker that wants to work and protect children and they are paying her to stay at home because she has the courage to speak out against the agency when they are failing children.  Oklahoma – are we a great state or what?

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